David Colliquet
Coach - Trainer - Consultant
Lahnstr. 50
53175 Bonn, Germany
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Leveraging Leadership and Intercultural Intelligence for your Projects

Successfully managing an organisation, a complex project, or a small business is like haute cuisine: following a recipe is important, but usually not enough for a Michelin star. Inspired chefs make the difference!

I provide coaching, training and consulting services, underpinned by more than 15 years of operational experience in various leadership positions in the field of project and programme management in an intercultural environment.

Through CODA Coach, I will share my knowledge and practical know-how in order to bring out the inspired chef in all my clients, and enable them to write their own professional and personal success stories.

All CODA Coach solutions are action-focused and result-oriented, be they for executives and managers, for entrepreneurs and small businesses, for project and programme managers, or for teams wishing to enhance their performance. All these solutions have a common factor: they rely on what is already working well and use it as a powerful lever.

My goal: to be your partner for project success!

David Colliquet

Inspiring Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs

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Are you an executive or a manager, and want to give a new impulse to your leadership and communication skills?
Are you a freelancer or manager of a small business, and want to speed up the development of your company?
Are you reintegrating or switching career paths, and want to actively prepare for the next steps of your professional life?
Individual coaching will help you take targeted action while combining efficiency and personal development:
Manager impulse: leadership and communication for executives and managers
Small Business Booster: success booster for freelancers and very small businesses
New Chapter: personal changes, career transition and retirement preparation

Unleashing the potential of Project and Programme Professionals

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Managing projects and programmes  in both a more efficient and humane manner is possible !
CODA Coach accompanies junior and senior project managers and programme directors through a combination of coaching, training and consulting services:
Project Booster: coaching project managers and programme directors who take up a new job or assignement, during a crisis or during a decisive project phase shift.
Project Training+Coaching : training project managers and their teams in project management techniques - then supporting them in action through coaching
Consulting: tailor-made and independent services for your projects and programmes, such as project reviews, stakeholder management or monitoring of large and complex projects.

Stimulating Team Performance

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Your team members work well together but wish to perform better? You want to let your team express its full potential while setting up a positive group dynamics?

The « Team Performance » solution enables your team to improve performance by working on individual and collective behaviours.

Discover Team Performance solution


David Colliquet

Coach - Trainer - Consultant

Lahnstr. 50

53175 Bonn, Germany