Coaching : change in action

Coaching makes a difference in converting potential into performance – together with the joy of accomplishment.

What is coaching? There are as many definitions of coaching as there are coaches in this world.

One fitting closely to my own vision is that of the International Coaching Institute (ICI):

"Coaching consists in accompanying a person on a personal or professional level on his/her path towards autonomy, in a change dynamics. It is a partnership based on individual interviews, focusing on goals to reach and structured in such a manner to enable the person to expand his/her potential, increase his/her performance level and enter into action."

In my view, coaching is about inspiring people to enable them find their own way to achieve their goals – a path to both professional performance and personal blossoming, as evidenced by some studies (see right box).
In practice, coaching is materialized through work sessions between the client and the coach who together set out specific actions to be completed between sessions.Those sessions are carried out face-to-face (individually or in group for team coaching) or remotely (phone or videoconferencing).
The active role of the client in performing these actions is the essential key to change and success. Each case is unique, however statistics say that 75 percent of coachings last less than one year, with an average of 2.5 sessions per month.

How can CODA Coaching Services help you?

All coaching services can be provided in English, French or German.

Having been trained as a professional coach by the International Coaching Institute (ICI, Geneva-Switzerland), my coaching philosophy can be summed up in two words: "Action" and "Positive":
Action, because I always keep in mind the goals of the customer, and his/her desire to reach tangible results - maybe a professional deformation due to my 15 years managing projects!
› Positive, because I want first and foremost to help the customer to identify and value "what works well", to rely on it. This is especially helpful to let the customer develop an authentic leadership style - life is simply too short to focus only on shortcomings!

For further practical information on coaching, you can look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

What do CODA Coach customers think of coaching?

You can discover in the Testimonials section what my customers think of the way I coach, and what it has brought them.
References can be provided on request.