Intercultural Project Leadership

Managing a project is a challenge in itself. However, when intercultural factors step in, the project becomes even more difficult. Hence, being aware of and mastering the "fourth dimension" of projects - the intercultural dimension - is essential to overcome such situation.

For that purpose, I bring my experience of almost a decade in managing major international programmes, to offer trainings, workshops and conferences on project management in an intercultural context. Several sources of cultural gaps are considered : nation, profession, generation, enterprise, ...

These tailored, practice-oriented offerings will enable project managers and  their intercultural teams to discover essential fundations of cross-cultural management, and to put them immediately into practice through project situations. Some examples :

  • One-day workshop "Work Well Together on Forench-German Projects" (group training available in English, French or German):
    • Discover cultural gaps between French and German project professionals and their consequences on day-to-day life in projects
    • Acquire key principles to mutually understand each other
    • To leverage the cultural strengths of each culture in the project
  • One- or two-day workshop "Intercultural Project Leadership"
    • Goals :
      • to enable project managers and their teams to better understand cultural gaps of various natures (nation, profession, generation, ...)
      • to acquire simple and applicable keys to limit those gaps in the projects and foster a cultural convergence around the project.
    • Format : small groups trainings, with many workshops and role plays, focused on project situations
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