Project Leadership Programme

The "Project Leadership" Programme is an individual development programme tailored for the project manager encompassing:

  • An assessment of hard and soft skills to conduct the project and lead the project team
  • An individual coaching
  • Individual on-demand training

The origin of it relates to an observation : project management is mostly taught as a series of analytical and cognitive processes, whereas lessons learned from both failed and sucessful projects mostly highlight human factor as the determining factor. From my poitn of view, the difference between a "fair" and a "good" project manager will often lie in his/her personal and interpersonal competencies - the famous "soft skills" set, such as the ability to communicate, to elaborate and share a vision, to negotiate, to convince, ...

This is what the Project Leadership Programme is all about : to help the project managers to become true leaders. This programme is based on a coaching approach, completed by tools from the project management environment :

  • An initial assessment of project manager skills, both methodological (project, management) and personal/interpersonal ;
  • A personal review to define a Personal Skills Development Plan for the project manager, also taking into account the main axis sought by the organisation ;
  • An individual coaching programme completed as needed by one-to-one training sessions in the field of project management ;
  • Regular updates between the company, the project manager and the coach
  • A final review with the project manager and the organisation.

The organisation where the project manager evolves will communicate its main stakes (performance axis, e.g. timeline commitments, team management, ...), in order to ensure that the competency developement programme remains in line with the employer strategic objectives.

At the end of the day : more performance in full transparency for the organisation, and a fantastic opportunity for the project manager to develop his/her leadership  - a life-lasting benefit for a career.

  • Project Leadership main steps : click to enlarge the picture.ProjectLeadershipProgramme EN
  • Benefits of the programme :
Bénéfices pour l'entreprise Bénéfices pour le chef de projet
  • Performance : An accompaniment focused on outcomes and operational results
  • Operational implementation : Practical and immediate application of the developed skills in the daily work of the Project Manager.
  • Acceleration of corporate talents : Strengthened leadership skills reinforce the management within the company, beyond the sole project dimension
  • Transparency : The areas of skill development are validated by the company, and evaluated at the end of the Programme.
  • Taylor-made goals : development objectives corresponding to the personal needs of the Project Manager
  • Motivation : unlike “classical“ training programmes, the acquisition of skills is directed tested and applied life in the projects thanks to a coaching approach
  • More vision, more overview : Leadership is at the center of the Programme
  • Flexible learning rate : a mix of in-person and remote sessions, to suit best to busy project managers’ schedules

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