Project and Programme Management Consulting

CODA Coach offers independent Consulting services in the area of Programme and Project Management for national and international companies, tailored to the need of customers.
Having worked on all phases of a programme, my approach uses a Through-Life Management perspective, which results in placing life-cycle cost at the center of key project and programme decisions at each phase.
The below services can be performed in the following sectors:
- Public sector
- Aerospace
- Defence
Consulting Services
Deliverables Benefits for the Company
Project Assurance / Programme Review
  • The “health” of the Project / Programme is checked against its main metrics (Quality, Cost, Schedule, Resources, Scope) and challenged with Stakeholders
  • The analysis is outlined in a transparent and objective manner to Project / Programme sponsor and relevant stakeholders
The company can detect Project / Programme risks to meeting strategic goals early enough and is able remedy to them.
Project Recovery / Programme Recovery
  • Issues and root causes are investigated; remedies are defined and launched
  • Long-term changes are defined and implemented, to enable to recover success track and durably keep it.
The company is able to identify the needed changes to succeed in the long-term avoiding a “fire-fighting” approach)
Stakeholder Management Strategy
  • A Stakeholder List is produced together with related Risks & Opportunities
  • A subsequent Stakeholder Management Plan is definedfor implementation to ensure long-term results
The company has a methodology to successfully treat both its “threatening” and “opportunity-making” stakeholders while
increasing its customer satisfaction.
Monitoring of complex Projects / Programmes / Portfolio
  • Various depths of reporting and associated metrics are defined, in line with strategic & operational goals at Project / Programme / Portfolio level.
  • Relevant reporting process & tools are implemented
The company increases its ability to steer complex projects without losing its strategic goals
Complex procurement and management of suppliers
  • Strategic / non-strategic procurement needs and constraints are reviewed and sorted out.
  • A procurement strategy is defined and implemented, for a flow down both in Projects and Procurement branches.
The company is able to systematically align its procurement methods and choices with its business strategy
Through-Life Management
  • A comprehensive review of Through-Life Management processes within the Programme / Company is performed
  • An action plan to develop particular Through-Life fields of practice is defined for implementation
The company develops a Through-
Life Management culture from the top and reduces strategic risks (e.g. obsolescence) by an early treatement


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