FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You will find hereafter answers to frequent questions regarding coaching and CODA Coach services :

What is coaching? In how far is it different from consulting? from mentoring?

Coaching is first and foremost to be differentiated by the change dynamics which is inspired to the customer. Unlike a consultant who pursues to improve a situation or solving a problem by an explicit recommendation, a professional coach aims at inspiring the customer, helping the latter to define and to implement by himself/herself the solution to the problem.
Mentoring is rather in the area of knowledge transfer, from an experienced person to a more junior one.

In which typical situations is coaching particularly helpful?

Coaching is particularly relevant for following situations, in a business or private context:
. To overcome a blockage or a difficulty
. To take an important decision
. To find one's professional or private life path
. To find a job in line with one's potential and motivations
. To realize one's potential and achieve goals
. To succeed and be more assertive in one's function
. To steer one's carrer evolution and a professional transition
. To integrate and communicate
. To live the change
. To be fulfilled personally and professionally over the long-term
. To fully enjoy time for self (retirement project)

How long does a coaching last ? Where and how do the coaching sessions take place?

Each individual and case are unique, therefore the amount and length of sessions is defined once the customer's request has been clarified.
Usually, a coaching will last from 3 months to 1 year, with an interval of some weeks between sessions.
Sessions can be performed in several places or manners, such as by phone, by videoconferencing, or at customer's facility, or at the coach's office, or in any other place stimulating creativity and freedom of mind.
Coaching can somehow be defined as the "art of questioning": questions constitute the backbone of the overall coaching session, and several questions (general or very specific) raised by the coach enable the customer to detect the keys of change, and find his/her own path. Another crucial aspect is the definition of actions to be carried out by the customer between sessions, so as to materialize his/her momentum and durably anchor in change.

Does a coaching mean some additional personal work for the customer?

Yes, it is even necessary to enable the customer to effectively conduct his/her change!
However, this extra work is limited and tailored to each customer, in order not to be a burden on top of usual workload.

How to be sure that a coaching will be efficient ?

As for any attempt to change human behavior, it is impossible to commit beforehand on the outcomes of a coaching - however, worldwide statistics (see sidebar on the Coaching page) allow to be quite optimistic, as long as the customer is motivated to change.
I start a coaching process only under the condition that the request is within the frame of my skills and qualifications, after having discussed it with the customer during a preliminary interview (free-of-charge and non-binding).
To convince you of the benefits of a coaching, the testimonials of my customers can be of help. References can also be provided on request.

How much does a coaching cost?

The cost of a coaching is charged through the amount of interview hours. This cost includes the preparation and the follow-on between sessions.
For a private customer, one hour of interview is charged 120 EUR (VAT not-included) + VAT where applicable.
For companies, an individual coaching is charged 300 EUR (VAT not-included) per hour, or 5000 EUR (VAT not-included) for a package of 20 hours.