Testimonials and main references


Following testimonials from my customers can help having a clearer picture about what coaching brings. For further information, they can be contacted on request.

Taking up a senior position in a technological environment

T. has been appointed Head of the Design Office in a simulation company from the Defence sector. He wishes to expand his ability to simultaneously manage high priorities, among others by largely developing his delegation skills.

Aim of the coaching : To develop management skills while strengthening assertivity.

»Point of view of the coachee:

Impact of the coaching : ”This coaching has helped me moving a big step forward towards assertivity. My main take-aways are a greater knowledge of self, a better organisation of my work and management of my time, and reinforced delegation skills.”

Coaching with CODA Coach ? : "I could sum it up in three words: listening, competency, caring"

» Point of view of the CEO of the company:

› Impact of the coaching : ”I am satisfied with this coaching. The achievements for T. are important regarding priority management, workload management and stepping back to take overview. In comparison with ”classic” HR programs (training), results are quicker and durable.“

› Coaching with CODA Coach ? : "Intelligence, pragmatism and listening"

Taking up a senior position

G. is French. He has recently been appointed as Head of Finance in an international organisation. His new senior position requires taking more overview, managing prioritities at the right level while delegating largely to empower the team. .

Aim of the coaching : To help finding an own personal leadership style and developing situational communication skills.

Impact of the coaching : ”This coaching has helped me among others to be confident in my leadership abilities. It also helped me putting into perspective my skills stemming from former positions as well as my personal strengths to succeed professionaly while being able to blossom at personal level.”

Coaching with CODA Coach ? : "I have appreciated David’s analytical ability and foresight, as well as his ability to always let me "steer" the process, so that I could find by myself the answers I needed. In three words : confidence, awareness, coherence."

Communication and Leadership

F. is French and lives in Paris area. In her company from the pharmaceutical industry (part of an international group), she holds operational management responsibilities and leads a small team.

Aim of the coaching : smoothing communication within the company and optimizing the involvement of team members.

» Point of view of the coachee:

› Impact of the coaching : "I can feel the results in my everyday life. I can step back much more easily than before starting the coaching. [...] Coaching brought me a bit more serenity. [...] I would warmly recommend coaching to anybody, I think we all need it at some point in our personal or professional life, for that or that aspect."

› Coaching with CODA Coach ? : "I have appreciated the listening, the way I was brought to value my strengths and talents, the dynamism, and the belief in my abilities, which helped me staying motivated."

» Point of view of the manager of the coachee:

"David has accompanied F., a junior Supply Chain Manager who has recently been given hierarchical and transverse responsibilities.
David's impact has been immediate and has enabled F. to very quickly improve her communication with stakeholders from other services. Thus, David's pragmatic approach has immediately enabled F. to become aware of where to improve and to realize that she had to adapt her behaviour to her discussion partners.
Beyond the fact that conflicts have disappeared, this has also brought a more efficicent solving of business matters."

Boosting freelance business

I. is French and lives in Germany. She is a freelance, and was looking for an accompaniment to "guide and boost her in her project" to re-launch her business.

Aim of the coaching: supporting the relaunch of a freelance business in the area of wellness.

Impact of the coaching: "It is beneficial to be regularly accompanied, to 'get out of the mist' and open new perspectives. The outcome of this coaching with regard to my expectations is excellent. I have measured all the progress made over the years and appreciated the value which I offer to my customers".

Coaching with CODA Coach? : "David is a very authentic and competent coach, with an exceptional abilty to listen - nothing escapes his attention. He has accompanied me with much empathy while I have performed my action list, putting the right amount of discipline to motivate me without discouraging me."

Career transition

M. is Canadian, and lives in Germany. She works for a large international organization, managing a functional area and leading a team. She was looking for inspiration to better shape her future personal and professional life chapter .

Aim of the coaching : preparing a career transition.

Impact of the coaching : ”The coaching helped to solidify what I am looking to achieve professionally and how to get there. [...] I felt it was comprehensive and covered many aspects that allowed me to get to know myself better in terms of my strengths, skills, and talents, and identify what I want professionally. [...] The coaching brought me clarity and gave me specific goals to aim for in the near, medium and long-term.”

Coaching with CODA Coach ? : "Efficient, productive, friendly"

Relaunching freelance business

H. is German, and lives in Bonn (Nordrhein-Westfallen).She was looking for an accompaniment, to give a new impulse to her freelance business - as well as to gain more personal clarity for that purpose.

Aim of the coaching : accompanying the relaunch of a freelance business in the area of wellness.

Impact of the coaching: "The coaching has brought me the clarity I was wishing for myself - and led to unexpected personal developments which are indeed key to reach my goals. [...] The coaching process has much helped me to better understand and organize my inner processes. [...] I am especially proud of my Marketing Strategy. I would never have thought, I could develop by myself something so complex and so comprehensive."

Coaching with CODA Coach ?: "comprehensive - creative - competent - flexible."